Gawker and free speech

When we think of free speech, we don’t normally associate anonymity with it. Why is Reddit based on anonymity? Because the anonymous posters are ashamed of what they are doing and don’t want anyone in their real lives to know. Michael Brutsch certainly felt that way when he heard from Adrian Chen.

Does anyone believe Chen should have let Brutsch maintain his anonymity?

Does anyone think Reddit should have blocked links to Gawker?

I think they don’t get to have it both ways. I also think their objectification of women is sexist and exploitive. For Brutsch to paint himself as a savior for deleting Illegal images from the suggestive images of underage girls is like Larry Flynt claiming to be a feminist.

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Hello students!

This is my first post. The most interesting thing I’ve learned today was from Clay Shirky who told me (via youtube, although my goal is to talk to him in person sometime) the following:

About 100 million hours of thought were required to create Wikipedia.

About 200 billion hours are spent in the U.S. watching television every year. That’s 2,000 Wikipedia projects.

World-wide Internet-connected people spend one trillion hours watching television ever year. that’s 10,000 Wikipedia projects every year.

That’s what Shirky calls “Cognitive Surplus.”